Monday, March 13, 2017


it's been a while,since I

I can't give my consistency to blog in wp, so I back here. My ideas to write disappeared everytime I open wp dashboard, but they got nice mobile app. so improve yourself, blogger :D

I think I own 11 blog accounts now,none of them are active xD I feel sorry.
3 blogger accounts, 2 wordpress accounts, 2 livejournal accounts, 2 tumblrs, 1 fc2 and 1 dreamwidth account. It's not included other microblogging accounts like twitter or path.

After ventured to so many platforms, I miss this blog. You know what, when I opened this dashboard, I feel like coming home, no kidding! every button, the orange color, the word "Blogger" really feels nostalgic.

I'm back, I'm home, with all my crappy craps again..haha!
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